We provide drug and alcohol intervention services for families and their loved ones in need.

Full Intervention to Include:

  1. Free initial phone consultation.
  2. Family Education Day Training. The goal of this process is to educate your family on the nature of the situation, help in establishing healthy boundaries, and improve the communication skills before, during, and after the intervention.
  3. Helping you choose the best fitting rehabilitation facility for the substance abuser. We have no affiliation with any facilities, we only provide your family with options. The final decision is yours. 
  4. Conducting the Intervention.
  5. Escorting the substance abuser to the predetermined treatment facility and conducting a hand off with the intake team.
  6. Facilitating communications with the treatment facility, pending a Release Of Information (ROI). 
  7. Up to 3 one hour post-intervention follow-up sessions, at your family’s discretion. More sessions can be added at your request.

Family Coaching

Synergistic recognizes that your Family’s recovery is every bit as important as the recovery of your loved one and is a great show of support! Family Coaching can show you how to work together as a team whether your loved one is in treatment, is committed to sobriety, or even if they have refused treatment. 

Our Family Education component helps build the foundation for a strong support network. A united family is extremely beneficial to the recovery of a substance abuser. We teach you to support your loved one with clear communication and healthy boundaries while no longer making the common mistakes of enabling, codependency, or feelings of anger or superiority.

Using the same model we use during a full intervention, we show you how to change behaviors that don’t work by learning about and redefining the roles your family has played in the substance abuser’s life.

Substance abuse is a lonely and soul-crushing illness. What a fantastic show of support it is when the entire family contributes to the recovery of the individual who is struggling. Whether this is the substance abuser’s first attempt at sobriety or if they have tried several times, our Family Education can show everyone involved a healthier way.

Please remember we’re here to help. You don’t have to walk through this alone.

Included with Family Coaching

By applying similar techniques used during the full intervention process, we are able to help your family understand the severity of the situation and guide you through this difficult time.

  1. These services are conducted via Zoom only.
  2. Arranging and conducting Family Education Day Training, to include an in-depth analysis of the family’s roles and communication skills: before, during, and after the intervention. 
  3. Facilitating communications with the treatment facility, pending a release of information.
  4. Up to 3 follow-up sessions, at the family’s discretion. More sessions can be added at the family’s request.

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