If we are a good fit to help, we will assist in finding a treatment center that best suits the needs of your loved one. We will also conduct Family Education day, the Intervention, transportation of your family member to treatment, and multiple post intervention check-ins with the family as needed.

Our initial consultation is free. After the consultation, we determine our prices depending on the scope of the work and the family’s needs.

We will do our best to try and guide your loved one to treatment, but the fact is, they can still say no. This is why so much of our focus is on the family and trying to prepare them for any possible outcome. We don’t define a successful intervention as to whether your loved one goes to treatment. Instead, we define a successful intervention as a family coming together and no longer allowing their loved one to systematically destroy the lives of the family or themselves.

We don’t know. It’s not for us, or you, to decide. This is their journey. We are just here to narrow their options, try and facilitate a bottom, and guide them towards recovery.

Each individual who may be suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction may have a different bottom. Our initial consultation will help our staff and you understand your family member’s condition.

An intervention may be the last chance of hope before society intervenes, or worse. This is when the family and friends come together to show solidarity, and support the person in need.

Interventions are stressful and frightening. Our guidance will help lessen the emotional component, keep the process on track, all while helping you address your concerns.

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