One Drink Is A Lie!

I’ve been sober a number of years. Life is really good and I hold no illusions about my relationship to alcohol. But still, my head, once in a great while, will tell me a drink is a good idea. Maybe I’ve had a difficult day and I need a break, or maybe things are great and I deserve to celebrate. Just one because I have a good reason.

But that’s a lie. That’s a lie on all fronts. A drink won’t ease my pain from difficulties. It will only compound my misery. It may ease my pain for a bit but, like an unwelcome houseguest, it will surely show up later and stay longer than they should. A drink won’t help me celebrate, I will only feel remorse. To rejoice a success by taking a drink would be to celebrate by failing.

But here’s the kicker, I never drank just one anyways! I never really just wanted one and frankly I never understood people who did. I drank for the effect and one only started that sensation. After one, the craving for the next drink was the inevitable and insurmountable result. 

Recovery has taught my innermost self that no matter what happens, there are no circumstances that a drink won’t make worse.

And frankly for me, one drink is a lie.

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