As one would expect, the decision to conduct an intervention for a family member’s addiction is a very difficult one. Even more so, is the multitude of issues that arise from that decision. How do we do this? Who should be involved? What happens after? Having a true professional like Scott Gray guide my family through every step of the process was truly a blessing.

My wife and I had made numerous unsuccessful attempts to get our son to stop using drugs, via various methods. By God’s grace, we were referred to Scott. He explained the intervention process, from start to finish and helped us to decide who should be included. From there he conducted training with all of us on how it would proceed. Additionally, he did the research into treatment centers that would be a good fit for our son, which gave us several good options to choose from. When the time came to have the intervention, I felt totally prepared and had a positive outlook that my son may finally be able to turn things around.

My son entered into treatment and made steady progress, although it was not always smooth sailing. When he hit bumps in the road, Scott was there to explain to us what these things meant in the larger picture of his recovery. Toward the end of his inpatient treatment, it was determined that a transfer to a sober living house would be the best option. Again, Scott was there with a list of options that allowed us to guide our son to the best possible fit for his continued sobriety.

It should be noted that addiction is a disease that affects the entire family, and as such, Scott also connected us with several Al-anon, NAR-anon, and other support groups so that the rest of the family could heal too.

If you are faced with a family member who is struggling with addiction, and you need to get them help, don’t do it alone. I couldn’t imagine trying to navigate this whole process by myself. With Scott by my side to guide me every step of the way, I feel I have given my son the best possible chance at a successful recovery and a new lease on life. While Scott’s title is “intervention specialist”, that really tells only a small part of the story; I would call him a “full-spectrum recovery consultant”.

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