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Does someone you love need an intervention?

Having battled our own addictions, we understandOur mission is to provide quality interventionists with every tool available to deliver professional and compassionate services to those who seek relief for all who are suffering.

Recovery is Possible
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Scott helped me to resist my inclination to come down hard on my struggling family member which made a huge difference.


If you are faced with a family member who is struggling with addiction, and you need to get them help, don’t do it alone.


We would be lost if it was not for Synergistic Intervention Specialists helping guide us every step of the way.

Aleksey K.

Family plays a crucial role in the recovery process.

An addict or alcoholic may not be willing to accept that they need help. Sometimes it may be necessary for a family to intervene. Our certified professionals work extensively with the family and provide them with the necessary education to help them understand that their loved one suffers from an illness. Our focus is on changing the family’s behavior and preparing them for the intervention and whatever the outcome may be.

We provide drug and alcohol intervention services for families and their loved ones in need.

Initial phone consultation with the family.
Assistance in pre-certification of insurance.
Help guide the family towards the best fitting rehabilitation facility for their loved ones.
Arranging and conducting in-depth Family Education Day Training.
Conduct intervention.
Provide post-intervention services to include one year of continuing support.

Individuals uniting to produce an effect greater than the sum of their efforts

Seeing the pain addiction causes families is heart-wrenching.

Feeling the love families sustain is heartwarming.

Observing a family’s willingness to learn and change is humbling.

Uniting families in an intervention is awe-inspiring.

Seeing the strength of a family united in recovery is Synergistic!

John A. Miller, NCIP

John is a Nationally Certified Intervention Professional (NCIP) and an active member of the recovery community since 2001. As such, John has seen countless times the wreckage addiction can cause (in all of its forms), how powerful the family intervention process is, and how tremendously rewarding recovery can be.

John is profoundly grateful for the opportunity to help show families the path to recovery.

Scott Gray, NCACIP

Scott is a Nationally Certified Intervention Professional (NCIP), and Senior Interventions for Synergistic Intervention Specialists and Training, LLC with over 100 interventions. Scott is currently working towards his Associate’s Degree in Addiction Studies. Prior to becoming an interventionist, Scott acted as the interim Program Manager for the Federal Probations Program with Mental Health Systems and was also dedicated to helping teens as the Program Manager and Senior SUD counselor for the North Central Teen Recovery Center with the McAlister Institute.

Scott thoroughly believes in helping the family change, just as much as helping the one who struggles.

Patrick Trujillo

Patrick is currently a senior in pursuit of his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in management. Patrick has seen firsthand the destruction addiction can cause and the importance of family coming together to help a loved one try and recover.

Patrick’s goal in life is to try and help others who can’t help themselves.

Recovery is Possible
Take the First Step Now

Our Interventionists are available to help you and your family

(619) 764-6178

We are currently developing our course curriculum for training interventionists.

Training Opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions

If we are a good fit to help, we will assist in finding a treatment center that best suits the needs of your loved one, Family Education Day workshop, Intervention, transportation of family member to treatment, and check-in with family post-intervention.

Our initial consultation is free. After the consultation, we determine our prices depending on the scope of the work and the family’s needs.

We will do our best to try and guide your loved one to treatment, but the fact is, they can still say no. This is why so much of our focus is on the family and trying to prepare them for any possible outcome. We don’t define a successful intervention as to whether your loved one goes to treatment. Instead, we define a successful intervention as a family coming together and no longer allowing their loved one to systematically destroy their lives or the life of the alcoholic/addict.

We don’t know. Nor is it for us, or you to decide. This is their journey. We are just here to narrow their options, try and facilitate a bottom, and guide them towards recovery.

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