Are you interested in pursuing a career as an interventionist?

At Synergistic, we feel we have found our “calling” and have been very successful helping families and their loved ones affected by substance abuse.

We are excited to offer our training and education programs to share our knowledge and experience. We are very confident that our course and our support has valuable content that will benefit you and the families you intend to help.

While it is important to note that there is no governing body that requires an individual to be certified as an interventionist, there are organizations that offer certifications should you feel inclined to pursue one.

Because they aren’t necessary to practice in this field, we do not provide any credentials. Our abundance of real world experience, extensive training, and student follow-up will prove valuable to you by providing a strong foundation and support for your career as an interventionist.

We have taken the lessons learned from our own careers and implemented them into our program. The systematic approach we apply towards interventions will assist you in providing the best possible services for clients in need. Upon completion of our course, you will be well equipped ethically and morally in how to help families and their loved ones during one of the
hardest times of their lives.

Here at Synergistic, we love what we do. Demand is increasing for well-trained interventionists. We hope you choose to join us and we’re excited for the opportunity to help.

What’s included:

  1. 6 hour course that covers the necessary actions before, during, and after an intervention.
    • During the pre-intervention portion, we will cover topics related to travel and preparation of Family Education Day.
    • We will prepare you to conduct an in-depth Family Day to include preparing the three letters necessary for Intervention Day.
    • We will guide you through the Intervention and discuss real world scenarios that we have encountered in our professional careers.
    • Finally, we will go into detail regarding the transportation of a client, and discuss possible scenarios that you may encounter.
  2. We take the lessons learned from our intervention careers and share with you ways that we have navigated difficult scenarios.
  3. Our course is interactive and will engage with each participant.
  4. Upon completion of our course, we will always be here for you as part of your professional network.
  5. Depending on your location, we will afford you the opportunity to shadow us on an intervention.
  6. Additionally, we will discuss the legal liabilities and insurance needs you will have as an interventionist working for either a company, or as an independent contractor.


* While our course is thorough, it may not be identical to another company’s format. The amount to which our content applies is dependent on the company you will be working for.
Regardless, our content provides a solid foundation for understanding how to navigate the ups-and-downs that comes with an intervention.

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