Why tomorrow may be too late?

We don’t believe in fear-mongering. However, alcoholism/addiction only gets worse if left untreated. If you are reading this, the fact is that your loved one is very likely in the final stages of addiction. They are no longer “just having fun.” They cannot stop. Without recovery, from here this disease nearly always progresses in three ways. Hospitalization: from an overdose, alcohol poisoning, violence, car accident, suicide attempt. Institutionalization: mental health facilities, psychological wards, or jail/prison. Death: lots of us just die of this. Other than treatment, these are really the only options left… and the side effects are bad too. Divorce, losing the kids, declining health, losing the job/business, bankruptcy, losing the house, homelessness, mental health issues. If you decide not to proceed with an intervention now, wishing (one more time) that this will magically get better on its own, it won’t. Hoping that they will “listen to reason” or “straighten up and fly right” or “do it for me, or the kids, or the job, or the family…” is a fantasy. If you could have effected positive change, you would have by now. The things you have tried in the past have not worked or you would not be here. This is not for lack of love nor any failing on your part, but lack of ability. It’s time to try something different. We can help be the difference between things staying the same or a whole new outlook for the entire family! Please let us help today, tomorrow may be too late.

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