Why tomorrow may be too late?

We don’t believe in fear-mongering. However, alcoholism/addiction only gets worse if left untreated. If you are reading this, the fact is that your loved one is very likely in the final stages of addiction. They are no longer “just having fun.” They cannot stop. Without recovery, from here this disease nearly always progresses in three […]

The Progression of My Disease

I remember the first time I had alcohol, I put the bottle to my lips, filled my mouth with beer, and swallowed. Immediately, it did something for me that nothing else had ever done, it was the most relaxing sense of relief I had ever experienced. I loved it! That feeling I had during my […]

Why Focus on the Family?

Families normally think “If he/she would just stop drinking or using, everything would be fine.” This is surprisingly untrue. Although the root of the problem is substance abuse, family dysfunction grows over time as well. Families are slowly conditioned to aid the abuser without even knowing it. For example: If you are distant, the alcoholic […]

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