Family is Tricky!

Family really knows how to push your buttons. They know how better than anyone.

They know, because they created and installed them.

Family relationships can be tricky in the best of times. Add the tornado of addiction/alcoholism and things can spiral out of control in a flash.

My upbringing is not the reason I drank, let me make that perfectly clear. My Mom and Dad didn’t drink like I did. But my Mom’s Dad did. And my Mom learned her behavior from her alcoholic Father. I don’t know about my great grandparents, or great great grandparents, but learned behaviors (good and bad) stretch back through time. 

Making the lifestyle changes that I have through recovery, my children have never seen me drink, much less drunk. They will be the first generation that I am aware of in our family tree that doesn’t have active alcoholism in their upbringing. As I said, my parents are not why I drank. But my behaviors reflect my upbringing. My children have sober parents, and I believe that some of the traits that I used to exhibit will not be included in my children’s identity. My kids may be the first generation in my family that don’t have to repeat the mistakes of their ancestors.

At Synergistic, we can help. We can help because we’ve been there. As an impartial party we can walk your family through the old pathways and show you different routes. Reactions and behaviors that seemingly make no sense can often be clarified by our team of professionals in ways that may have eluded the family for generations.

Please allow us to help you and your family’s future generations break free of this cycle.

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